The Mysterious Disappearance of To The Moon

The Mysterious Disappearance of To The Moon

To The Moon was released on the Switch on a couple of weeks ago to critical acclaim, holding an 82% approval rating on Metacritic. Like many games in the Switch library, it’s a port of a game that was released some years earlier on another platform; in this case on Windows in 2011. The game explores Jonny Wyles’ attempt to fulfill his dying wish: to go to the moon.

Ken Gao, lead designer for To The Moon, decided to make the game following the illness of his grandfather. This event led him to consider his own mortality and what it means to live well and live fully. The game is a journey through Jonny’s memories, with very simple gameplay mechanics and puzzles punctuating the narrative.

However, despite the game’s success, it mysteriously disappeared from Nintendo’s European eShop. Curiously, it is still available in the North American eShop. Nintendo haven’t commented on its removal and XD Network, the games publisher, are yet to respond to Nintendo Life‘s attempt to get an explanation.

Why has it been removed?

Given no official word has come out, it’s hard to know. A rating issue perhaps? Some kind of copyright dispute? One thing we do know is that European Switch owners will be hoping it comes back soon. According to Nintendo Life “the only way fans in Europe can get the game is by using an account from a different region, although it’s worth noting that the game is still playable if you downloaded it before it disappeared.”

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