“The Most Expensive Spaceship” Donated Through EVE Online To Fight Australian Fires

“The Most Expensive Spaceship” Donated Through EVE Online To Fight Australian Fires

It’s not all fun and games as gamers can also use their passion to make a positive change in the real world. CCP Games, a developer of MMORPG EVE Online, recently partnered with Red Cross to show their support to Australia as it deals with horrible consequences of wildfires.

EVE Online developer has launched PLEX for Good – a program that allows players to donate in-game currency (PLEX) to charity.

Pro player Kelon Darklight decided to contribute as well. He held an auction to sell one of the rarest spaceships in the game – The Gold Magnate. In the end, another EVE online fan, scientist and YouTuber Scott Manley bought it for over 1 million PLEX.

This converts into over $30k or £23k according to Eurogamer.

CCP Games mentioned that sale of The Gold Magnate is “likely to be the biggest single donation” for this event. Its value in PLEX is equivalent to 160 years of EVE Online subscriptions.

The Gold Magnate Origin

Originally, Kelon Darklight has received the spaceship as a prize for winning the Fanfest trial in 2016. There were only four other ships like that as they were a rare prize for tournaments.

Players believe that only two now exist as most were either damaged in battles or captured by player-pirates. 

It is not the first time CCP Games is creating a platform for positive change. They have launched the first PLEX for Good in 2005 to gather donations for tsunami in South East Asia. According to the developer, players of EVE Online have raised $470,000 for charity so far.

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