The Light Keeps Us Safe – Hands On & First Impressions

The Light Keeps Us Safe – Hands On & First Impressions

Disclaimer: This is a summary and opinions on a game that is still in Early Access and was played on a game code supplied by the developers.

The Light keeps Us Safe is a procedurally-generated survival horror game where you must creep and scavenge to survive in a mysterious post apocalyptic world inhabited by mechanical overlords.

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You start alone and disorientated in an underground bunker, accompanied only by the strangely familiar voice of a woman seemingly communicating from a safe zone. As the game is only in Steam Early Access there is a very bare-bones tutorial but there is enough direction for you to be prepared to enter the terrifying world.

As you leave the near safety of the bunker with your modular torch, you emerge in a procedurally generated open world. Ruined by an unknown event, this world is where you must sneak and rummage through rubbish to gain supplies to survive. It soon becomes apparent that this painfully ravaged world is not deserted but crawling with unusual machines.

Using your trusty torch and the empty bottles you find along the way you must distract and avoid these mechanical golems as you explore the world. As you avoid the sentries you must scavenge broken machines to gather parts and use them to upgrade your torch back in your bunker. At the beginning your torch can use its light to immobilize a sentry for a limited time but it isn’t effective on all enemies. Each time you upgrade your torch you will gain a new ability, opening up new possibilities, new ways to play and new areas to explore.

Refreshingly Horrifying

As a survival horror game atmosphere is key and The Light Keeps Us Safe perfectly puts you on the back-foot and gets under your skin from the start. The constantly changing, mysterious world along with the enemies keeps you disorientated and on the edge of your seat every minute you are immersed in the game. I love the fact that it gives you a real sense of progression as you unlock upgrades but never makes you feel safe or powerful. You are out of your depth and scared every step of the way. It is a precedurally-generated metrovania horror survival game and it’s refreshingly horrifying and brilliant.

Most of the games storytelling will be through it’s environment and, where a lot of games have done this badly recently, The Light Keeps Us Safe nails it. Everything in the world helps add to the mystery and story. The Light keeps Us Safe has a sound design that sets the mood seamlessly and really evokes the feeling of some of my favorite horror films growing up.

The Light Keeps Us Safe is an unmissable horror experience and is a must play for survival horror fans. It nails environmental storytelling and sets an undeniable level of atmosphere in its mystery and audio. Please, please, please give this game a try as it looks like it is going to keep getting better. In a genre full of mediocre early access games, this is definitely one game that’s head and shoulders above the rest. If you want to see more of The Light Keeps Us Safe please check out the awesome IGP and his play-through.

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