The Legend of Evil – Nintendo Switch Review

The Legend of Evil – Nintendo Switch Review

The Legend of Evil puts you in the shoes of Bill, a demon at a middle management level who’s job is to open Demon Portals; flooding the world with demons, so they can take over humanity.

This is tower defence and also something of a puzzle game combined to help wipe out those pesky humans, which I’m all in favour of.

Springloaded have tried to add their own spin on a busy genre that works really well to make you plan every move.

You goal is to summon Demon Portals that spawn demons with the goal of destroying an obelisk whilst protecting your own.

The story involves the forces of good and evil fighting to determine the fate of humanity for the next ten thousand years. You get the privilege to play as Bill (An evil Bill Crouse lookalike).

Who will save the demons?

The currency thankfully to a Dark Souls fan like myself is souls, which are obtained in many ways and is used to upgrade your Demon Towers.

I think Bill is in denial.

There is a timer in The Legend of Evil which slows down dramatically as you upgrade your tower, which can be helpful. Things can start to move quite quickly and that does get you clock watching at times.

Upgrading the towers to increase spawn rates for demons, your souls earned per second and lay traps for opponents is satisfying; with soul management a major factor on whether you’ll succeed in destroying the often human farmers obelisk.

Humans are terrible

The humans who attempt to get in your way come in many varieties, wielding different weapons as well as medieval engines and bombs.

On the third level some farmer shouted at me to leave his farm (no chance Old MacDonald), clearly not understanding that Bill is just doing his job, which Bill does inform him to be fair; showing the sarcastically written dialogue which is pretty enjoyable.

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The variety of demons to unlock gives you a good amount of options on what type of tower to build, though which you build is dictated by what defences the humans have, bringing in the puzzle element.

Strategy is key to victory

Most levels in the campaign seem to only have one way to succeed, making you test out different combinations of Demon Towers as a trial and error process.

This aspect gives the game a big difficulty curve that as you unlock more options only gets higher. Luckily you can turn it down to easy, which just stops you acquiring all medals on that level.

As you can only build towers in designated spots in The Legend of Evil, with some not being able spawn demons, you have to be thinking several moves ahead with not much prep time.

Image result for the legend of evil

Bill sugar coats nothing.

It’s very enjoyable and easy to play in small sessions due to the level’s time limits and the retro music fits the art style perfectly.

Write your own story of how you destroy the world

The Legend of Evil has a Conquest mode outside of the campaign that allows you to customise your demons and use Obol Coins earned through the levels to buy more options from the shop.

The shop section of conquest sells different kinds of demons and orbs to power them up; that really changes the gameplay from the campaign.

In Conquest you don’t play as Bill but a customisable character of your own creation, that adds a fun element to make this mode your own story.

The Legend of Evil Image 14

Rolling in Obol… whatever that is.

Though this mode does lack a save option, so this is more for long play sessions as you cannot get very far in a short time.


I really enjoyed playing The Legend of Evil and I’m already planning on how to get as far as possible in Conquest mode, when I’ve got time to sit down for a long session.

Pros –

  • Fun fast gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Comedic writing
  • Music
  • Bill is great

Cons –

  • Difficulty spike early
  • Lack of a save system in Conquest mode

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It's good to be bad... and destroy humanity
  • 7.5/10
    Overall - 7.5/10


The Legend of Evil is fun to play on the go, which fits the Switch perfectly.

Tower defence as well as puzzle elements make it a challenging game to beat on even normal difficulty.

Bill is a good character and I’d like to see him appear in another from Springloaded.

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