The Legacy of 3dfx – Kickstarter

The Legacy of 3dfx – Kickstarter

The Legacy of 3dfx is the result of several years of research, bringing together a wealth of information based on hundreds of webpages (, information from magazines, forums, social network comments, LinkedIn, interviews with collectors and conversations with 3dfx enthusiasts. All its contents have been adapted, streamlined and revised to provide an in-depth, comprehensive perspective and in doing so, become an essential book on 3dfx: a company that’s been forgotten by many, but one that changed the course of 3D graphics.    

Along with every little-known aspect of 3dfx, the reader will also be immersed the history of 3D in personal computers. For the first time, a book will explore the evolution of the graphics industry, encompassing every essential area to bring this period in computing history to life. While written in an easy-to-read, entertaining style, the book endeavors to be exhaustive in all its details and data.

The Kickstarter campaign has already launched and is well on its way to hitting its £14,346 goal. With less than twenty days left there’s no better time to get your pledge in.

There is five levels of pledge, each with its own rewards: 


Pledge: €5/£4 or more

Reward: Your name will be printed in the book and you will have access to updates.



Pledge: €10/£9 or more

Reward: You will receive a digital version of book

English Cover


Pledge: €26/£23 or more

Reward: Standard book edition with exclusive dust cover and E-Book

Dust jacket and cover


Pledge: €38/£34 or more

Reward: Standard book edition with exclusive dust cover, E-Book and a T-shirt

T-Shirt 1 – 2
T-Shirt 3 – 4


Pledge: €70/£63 or more

The Rampage edition is the ultimate edition with standard book edition with exclusive dust cover, E-Book, a T-shirt, and a A2-sized poster in a limited edition box

Limited Box
A-2 poster of… surprise!!

You can support this fantastic project and make your pledge by visiting

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