May 27, 2022

The Last of Us Tabletop Adaptation Announced

With The Last of Us growing as a franchise, it looks like the next madium it will try it’s hand at is tabletop games.

The Last of Us is slowly becoming a multi-medium franchise. With two and a half video games down and a TV adaptation on its way, the franchise is now aiming to add a tabletop version to its repertoire.

The company in charge of turning The Last of Us into a tabletop game is CMON. CMON is a very experienced tabletop game manufacturer, with products ranging from card games to board games packed with miniatures. The company is also adept in tabletop adaptations of different franchises, such as God of War, Bloodborne and Kick-Ass, to name a few.

Get ready to fight for survival with your friends

CMON has yet to reveal what the game will look like. However, judging by their past work, it is safe to say that the board game will aim at being as immersive as possible using creative tiles and miniatures. In terms of experience, it seems that CMON will try to best emulate the emotions a player feels while playing the game. As mentioned in the announcement, “The Last of Us is a series that provides a deep, emotional experience combined with endless thrills and excitement”. If anyone can translate this experience to tabletop, it’s probably CMON.

What are your thoughts on tabletop adaptations for video games? Do you have a collection of them on your shelf? Or do you think that they should stay in the digital realm? Tell us in the comments!

Source: CMON

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