The Last of Us Part III Rumoured to be Next Naught Dog Game

The Last of Us Part III Rumoured to be Next Naught Dog Game

Following the commercial success, if not universal appeal of The Last of Us Part II, its no wonder Naughty Dog are revisiting the franchise so soon. If the rumours are to be believed, the second sequel in the acclaimed series is in production.

TLoU Part II only released in 2020, and while it scored a whopping 10 out of 10 wasn’t without controversy. But the past is the past, and for those who enjoyed the second in the series, the thought of a third part just around the corner is a tantalising proposition.

The Last of Us Part 3 to follow Factions Sequel

But what exactly do we know about Naughty Dog’s production line? Well, we know for sure that the Factions sequel is scheduled for 2023. There have been prior rumours that Neil Drukman and his team have also been working on a new, fantasy themed IP. But new rumours suggest The Last of Us Part III is firmly on the studios to do list.

The rumour has come from Twitter user ViewerAnon. They previously leaked that Ashley Johnson would be playing Ellie’s mother on HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us. They also leaked news of Crash Bandicoot 4 so that’s two out of two so far.

Following a Tweet claiming that they would drop a scoop if an invite to the presser for HBO’s adaptation, ViewerAnon let the proverbial cat out of the bag. The following tweet simply said “Well, I’m not watching anything, so… Dr. Uckmann’s next game is THE LAST OF US PART III which is currently in production at Naughty Dog.”

They continue,

“I’ve seen a lot of “Should we trust this person?” from new people to the account, so various scoops I’ve had in the gaming-adjacent space: I revealed a whole lot of TLOU show details (ie Ashley Johnson as Anna), was the first to mention the existence of CRASH BANDICOOT 4″

ViewerAnon then clarified to another Twitter user that the Factions sequel would be the next game from Naughty Dog, but that The Last of Us Part III would come after that. When asked about Uncharted and the rumoured new IP from Naughty Dog, they said that Uncharted would be handled by “another studio” and that they weren’t sure about the new IP.

Of course, as is the way with all rumour its worth taking this with a pinch of salt. But if past accuracy is anything to judge the validity of a rumour, then perhaps ViewerAnon is worth taking seriously. Plus, the Druckman himself has already said he had “some ideas” for a third game, so here’s hoping.

Source; The Gamer

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