The Individual Behind PT Being Removed from Sale Talks About it

The Individual Behind PT Being Removed from Sale Talks About it

PT, the long-vaunted “missing” Kojima horror game, has quite a history.

Released as a demo and playable teaser for Silent Hills, PT was available for PlayStation 4 for a short period of time.

And then, it was removed from the PS Store entirely.

Now, unless you have it already installed on your PS4, it is lost to the ages.

And it’s all thanks to one person, Pearl L.

Pearl was Konami’s first-party lead and took to Twitter [screengrab courtesy of VGC] recently to talk about PT‘s downfall.

“Fun fact: since I was the 1P lead at the time at Konami, I helped get [PT] set up on the storefronts, fake publisher and everything. And I was the one who had to call Sony and ask them to take it down and block redownloads. That was a super fun conversation”.

Naturally, fans had questions about it.

One asked precisely why it happened. Pearl’s response was diplomatic:

“I say this with love, ‘because Konami'”.

Pearl confirmed that it was “a tough situation for everyone in Konami, especially for the support staff;

“They already had a tough time as it was (there’s a reason they have ‘work’ names when fielding calls). This did not make things better”.

She noted how good Sony was during the whole ordeal;

“Sony (as always) was fantastic to work with. It was a tough situation all around”.

Of course, the whole ordeal was awkward for Pearl and the team;

“Awkward is right! We’d already gone thru [sic] a lot to get it set up, got a lot of operational exceptions. And then to add the request to block redownload? More engineering workarounds. It was exciting to see ppl [sic] hype about it and see the work pay off! But in a way, also not”.

Finally, Pearl gave her opinion on how the whole situation was and how the team handled things;

“Believe me, I wish it had gone differently too. It was definitely really fun to be plotting this secret cool thing for the fans. It was amazing to see everyone come together to try to figure out the experience and see them come away with so much love for it! I’m super grateful I got to be a part of that in some small way”.

Of course, PT now has been AWOL for over eight years.

And since then, Kojima has moved on to Death Stranding.

However, rumours persist of a new horror game by the developer.

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Time will tell if it ever comes to fruition.