May 23, 2022

The Goose Can Now Wreak Havoc on Your Computer

After wreaking havoc throughout the latter half of 2019, you’d have thought the chaos would finally ease off. You’d be wrong.

Ever felt like you’re working too efficiently? Or maybe you need an excuse for not doing your homework?

VR developer Samperson has you covered with a small program that adds a horrible goose to your desktop. As a result, efficiency goes out the window.

However, honks and chaos escalate, as shown in the following graph;

Desktop Goose waddles after your mouse attempting to steal it, all the while leaving devastation on your desktop, including;

  • leaving muddy flipper prints all over the screen,
  • dragging in goose memes and,
  • leaving notes.

In case you’re foolish enough to try to close one of the gooses’ gifts, be prepared for some angry honking.

If you insist on doing this to yourself, Desktop Goose is available on with a pay-what-you-want basis. Granted this means the software is technically free, but remember developers need to eat too!

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You can see more of Samperson’s work on Twitter, and he also has a Patreon page giving subscribers access to early project builds.

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