The Global Alpha Test for Sandbox RPG Teravit Begins Today on Steam

The Global Alpha Test for Sandbox RPG Teravit Begins Today on Steam

The Global Alpha test for the open-world sandbox RPG Teravit is available on Steam today.

Teravit by CyberStep, Inc is an open-world sandbox RPG in which the player is tasked with defending the world from the shadowy claws of the Demon King.

Guided by the 8-bit Megami, players must traverse a massive multiplayer voxel world, crafting items to help them explore and fight off the monsters which inhabit it.

From serene fields and peaceful villages to monster-infested forts and caves, the world of Teravit is filled with places to explore.

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Teravit Official Trailer

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The Contest duration is between 12th October – 4th November and to participate you can do the following:

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Very much in the style of Minecraft or Dragon Quest: Builders, Teravit looks like it could be a lot of fun with friends or a place to make new friends in-game.

Teravit will also be looking to release for PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch plus IOS and Android for mobile.

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