The Gamesir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox hardware review

The Gamesir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox hardware review

During our time at Any Button Gaming, we’ve received several Gamesir devices to test and we’ve become a bit of a fan of the Hong Kong based company. We’ve tried the X2 and X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controllers for Android; the small but colourful T4 Mini and the VX Aimbox. We’ve found them to be more budget-orientated but equally fun and up to the task. So, will the G7 Xbox licensed controller be the same? Let’s find out!

Before we begin, for full transparency, this hardware was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes but all opinions are our own and based upon our time with the device. This was tested on a PC running Steam, an Xbox One and Xbox Series S console.

So the G7, as per our description, is a wired controller that is designed for Xbox but is also compatible with PC via a USB cable (included). The unique selling point of this controller, apart from its $44.99 price point, is that it has magnetic changeable face plates. Not only that but these faceplates are designed for adding your own designs too. Out of the box, the controller comes with a black and white faceplate (the overall backing is black). This means that the console has a little bit more personality than your average controller.

How does it feel?

So let’s talk first about the controller. The USB to USB C cable that comes provided is not plastic but rather a very solid braided material and is approx 3m in length. The cable felt high quality and that is important on a wired device. It also has a nice branded cable tie so it can be tidied away easier. It fits into the USB C slot on the device very tighty and we had no movement at all in our play time. So as a wired controller with a detachable wire, it’s about as good as you can get.

What about the controller itself? Well, it is Xbox branded so the design is modeled closely on the Xbox One and Series S/X style. In terms of size, it is almost identical. Without the battery, it isn’t as heavy in the hand but neither does it feel light. The unit feels solid in the hand and pretty premium.

The controller has typical Xbox buttons as well as the home button found on the Series S/X model. Additionally there is an M button which can be used to turn the D-Pad into a volume and headset/speaker control which feeds into the 3.5mm jack at the base. It also has a microphone mute button.

A quick paddle

On top of that, at the rear, you have two paddle buttons that can be programmed for quick access (but more on that later). So how does it feel in the hand? The answer is… really good. The rear grips have a nice rubbered textured feeling which grips well and feels rather nice on your hands. The triggers and LB/RB buttons are textured, similar to the Series S/X controller. All of which sit well in the hand.

On the subject of triggers, it has Hall sensor triggers for analogue effect and they work really nicely on games (especially racers) where variable pressure makes a big difference. These are possibly some of the best triggers we’ve used outside of the Dual Sense on PS5.

The sticks feel good and move well, with no feeling of sticking and they actually feel a bit nicer than the standard Xbox One controller. For us though, it’s the face buttons that we think some people will have issues with. By design, the X/Y/A/B buttons are shallow and very clicky. Gamesir claims that this is for better and quicker digital inputs. There is less pressure needed but without the depth they don’t quite feel as good as a standard Xbox controller.

Face buttons

They are also very loud clicks. If you are playing next to a snoozing partner (as this review was at one point), it will be very noticeable for them. We wouldn’t say they are bad and they respond well in game but we have a feeling these might be a deal breaker for some.

The D-Pad also isn’t the best in the world. We argue the same could be said of other mainstream controllers too but in this case, they feel slightly shallow and again, very loud. In our opinion, this the cheapest feeling component of the device. We tried it with Hollow Knight as our go to precision style platformer and it was playable but we wouldn’t probably buy it of the D-Pad is something you are a heavy user of.

With the device being wired, latency is non-existent. We connected via USB to a PC, Xbox One and Series S and it connected instantly being recognised for the first time on all devices. Going into Steam, it recognised it and treated it as if it were a standard Xbox controller. No mapping or set up required. The same was true on consoles. So as a device, this is minimum effort in terms of setup.

Map it!

The volume and headset buttons work well when plugged in and we had no issues with sound. It is a nice touch, especially if you have a headset that does not have this configuration.

We mentioned earlier mappable buttons and the Gamesir G7 comes with an app that can be downloaded from the Microsoft store on both PC and Xbox. The size of the app is small and when opening, will recognise the controller instantly. As well as firmware updates (though none was applied when accessed as far as we could tell), it allows for lots of configuration and mappings.

A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT/L3/R3/D-pad/Menu/Xbox/View/Share are all mappable, as are the rear paddles. You can create 3 profiles on the app and we tried swapping between profiles and adding button ranges to the rear paddles.

Rumble in the jungle

You can also play with sensitivity and also the rumble feature to configure it and the responses how you like. We found the range on the vibration pretty good. We are fans of strong rumbles and had fun playing with them. You can also amend the triggers and their sensitivity which is great if you want a FPS quick trigger profile as opposed to something like a racer. One done, exiting the app saves it and you can have your wicked way.

In truth, we were not fans of the rear paddle buttons once assigned. We found ourselves when playing games like Elden Ring, pressing them accidentally in the middle of a scrap. This is more than likely to do with our own abilities at gaming but we quickly turned them off and enjoyed the experience more.

So let’s get on to those face plates. We had to source our own plastic suitable paint pens but you may already have these. We can really imagine gamers with some vision making some amazing designs and there is even a competition on the Gamesir website to send in your designs. Unfortunately, we have very little here at Any Button Gaming but it occurred to us that these would also be great for those of you with children who game.

Perfect for children?

So we gave it to a 10 yr old Xbox and Sims 4/Minecraft-obsessed girl and she had a blast. Check out her design on the black face plate with some bling Sims 4 icons on the grips. We also tried our hand at an ABG logo and er… it is what it is.

We don’t know sure if faceplates are currently available separately (we were supplied with two extra) but the faceplates come off easily and snap back into place with no assembly. It takes two seconds to swap them out. Which is actually pretty cool. Our 10yr old artist really enjoyed coming up with the design and the drawing and as a result, this is now ‘her’ controller and has actually replaced her standard Xbox One controller.

The Gamesir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox hardware review – conclusion

Which leads us to our final thoughts on the device. It is wired making it a consideration when getting a new controller. We were not fans of the paddle, face buttons, and D-Pad though these are not unusable. The face buttons in particular are personal preference. You may prefer them. These were, however, small niggles as opposed to deal breakers.

This is a very solid controller with a lot of customization for a very modest price tag. This is easily usable as a primary controller and ideally placed as a secondary one. We’d suggest that this is also the perfect controller for children. The ability to customize it so easily sets it apart from competitors and means it can be more than just another third-party controller.

If you want to reserve your precious controller and give your children their own one we would seriously recommend this. Even if you don’t and have no interest yourself, the controller is of a good enough quality to heartily recommend.

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A rock solid wired controller at a good price
  • 8.9/10
    Overall - 8.9/10



  • Very good pricing
  • Great for easy customisation
  • Excellent triggers
  • Feels premium


  • Face buttons may put some off
  • D-Pad is just Okay
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