The Fixture S2 for the Nintendo Switch OLED review

The Fixture S2 for the Nintendo Switch OLED review

The Fixture S2 for the Nintendo Switch OLED review is an odd one to review. Produced by the US-based manufacturer Fixture Gaming, it is a mount to put your Nintendo Switch on to your Nintendo Pro Controller when using it as a handheld. By definition, this is a niche accessory.

Still, it’s an accessory with a clear goal. As a personal preference, we much prefer using the Nintendo Pro Controller over the Switch Joycons. In our mind, the Pro controller is possibly one of the best-designed controllers of the last few generations. It has great rumble, battery life, and ergonomics. It does feel… well… premium.

Compared to the Joycons, technical marvels though they are, the Pro controller offers a better gaming experience. The Joycons, when attached to the Switch, are smaller, less responsive, and nowhere near as comfortable for long sessions. The kicker is that we spend a lot of our time with the Switch using it as a handheld. What’s a ‘pro’ gamer to do? Well, Fixture Gaming would suggest you pick up their mount.

Models and accessories

For transparency, we were provided with the Fixture S2 mount and accompanying case by Fixture Gaming but all opinions are our own and are based on multiple hours of playtesting. The Fixture S2 is designed for the OLED model (the S1 will also cater for a standard Switch). The S2 retails for $44.99 USD or $64.99 with the Case bundle. They also offer a bundle for $104.99 that includes a Fixture-branded Pro Controller (not the official Nintendo product). It is available from their site with a shipping fee or is also available on Amazon in the US and UK.

So what do you get for your bucks? Well, you get the case, bagged, and you get a small trim box that contains the mount. The mount itself is made of fairly solid plastic, with a white striped hinge at the back and pads for the rear of the Pro Controller and for behind the Switch itself. The connection to the Pro controller is a snap-in system where the mount is moulded to the shape of the pro controller.

If your question is whether it will fit other controllers we could only comment and say that IF it matches the exact dimensions of the Pro Controller, it probably will. Overall, it fits snugly and is tight but not too tight. There is no looseness but you will need to apply some pressure to get the controller out again.

Rail against the machine

The Switch is docked by using the rails on the Switch that normally house the Joycons. You place in the Switch and slide down until you reach the position that appears most comfortable. For us, this was at the bottom of the screen. We’ll be honest, the rails were the harder thing and we found them very tight and a lot of force was needed to get them to slide down.

This means the hold is sturdy but it doesn’t feel as smooth as using a Joycon. It feels like too much pressure is needed sometimes to get the Switch in and out. We couldn’t say how long this will last over prolonged use, but we think it might put some stress on the plastic.

Weighty but solid

Once you have got it connected, you have a portable way of playing Switch games with a Pro controller. You can lay it flat against a solid surface but you may be equally better off using the stand on the Switch. Where the mount really works is in your hand.

So how does it feel? Our feeling was good if a little weighty. The OLED model attached to the mount does have some weight to it and it feels heavier than the controller. The hinge is stiff and there is no wobble. You can adjust it to get your perfect viewing angle and it won’t move. It will feel heavy and slightly unbalanced though. After an hour or so of playing with it, we felt like we needed a rest. When I let my six-year-old daughter play Mario Kart 8, she found it too heavy and wanted to put it back in the dock after only a few minutes.

Button mashing

Ultimately, this is inevitable with a heavier object balanced at an angle on top of a smaller controller. If this doesn’t bother you, then we think the experience is good. This is really helpful with some games where Joycons aren’t optimal. We tried playing Bayonetta 3 and some Doom Eternal and both of these experiences call for the triggers and size of a Pro controller. The games do feel like worse experiences on Joycons.

Sitting in bed and mashing the combos in Bayonetta 3 was a far better way to enjoy the game than the typical handheld experience. We tend to get finger cramps with Joycons after about half an hour but apart from the weight, we found it far more comfortable.

Heading out on the train

The carry case that was sent with the device was a nice addition. The idea is that it fits the Pro Controller as well as the mount and Switch attached. You then have a soft flap for game cards and a soft zipped pouch for any other peripherals. It is a hard case meaning it isn’t soft and it fits in relatively snugly. However, we couldn’t get over the nagging feeling that the screen was unsupported other than the mount (see pics below) so we’re not sure if this is something you can casually toss into a bag and get jostled around. However, if packed securely then it will do the job just fine.

Our use case is mainly playing in the home but it’s something to note if you want to take this out and about. Speaking of out and about, the footprint is larger than the Switch and joycons as the screen comes higher and has to be pivoted. You’ll stick out a lot more on a train if you are using it than with the normal handheld set-up. If this bothers you, might be something to think about.

At the same time, the adjustable screen makes it easier to adjust to light and shadows and get the viewing angle just right. It’s a lot better with the OLED model anyway but you can tinker with the setup rather than having to tilt the whole device.

Fixture S2 for the Nintendo Switch OLED review

So should you go out and get the Fixture S2? Well, this comes back to our point of this being a niche product. If you want to trade the lightness of the Switch and flat aesthetic for the comfort and enhanced controls of the pro-controller then this is a no-brainer. We had minor quibbles about the plastic rails, their long-term durability and the added weight. Your personal comfort may well differ.

The price is also another factor to consider. We wouldn’t call it super cheap so possibly prices it out of an impulse buy. Other than that, it gives you a better control experience with one of the best controllers on the market. We’ll be continuing our playthrough of Bayonetta 3 with this for sure.

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  • 8.5/10
    Overall - 8.5/10


Pros (controller) + A far better gaming handheld experience than stock Joycons + Supports the console well. + Better viewing angles (Joy) Cons – A little pricey – A niche device – Possible risk of wear and tear

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