May 22, 2022

The Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Starts Production in Spring

Almost FIVE years later…

YouTube’s jump-scare freight-train Five Nights at Freddy’s will soon become a movie.

The series’ creator, Scott Cawthon, took to Reddit to update followers on the movie.

Alongside a brief insight into he movie’s history, Cawthon announced that the movie will start production “in Spring”;

As you can see, the complete, unabridged post also details some rejected scripts

Blumhouse Productions also corroborated Cawthon’s post in a tweet;

The FNAF movie has been a thing since at least 2017. However, with one thing or another getting in the way, let alone pandemics, it simply hasn’t got off the ground. Until now, apparently.

We’ll have more news on this story as and when it becomes available.

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