The Final Nail in Blizzard’s Coffin

The Final Nail in Blizzard’s Coffin

Proceeding the announcement of Jeff Kaplan’s departure from Blizzard, I think it’s about time to admit; with the old guard gone, Blizzard is now an indistinguishable arm of Activision. This is no longer the same company we grew to love.

Now sure, companies and cultures grow and evolve, as do we. Yet, as our tastes refined and matured with age [or just grew some grey hairs and gained more wrinkles], what we came to expect from a company such as Blizzard seems…absent? Do you miss & love classic Warcraft and Starcraft? Tough, because currently, it appears the fans care more than the franchise holders. What a shame.

Strange isn’t it that, in 2021, the RTS champion neglects their genre-pinnacle franchises. Opting instead to revel in World of Warcraft‘s golden past of days gone. Even Blizzard’s final creative bastion (that being Overwatch) seems to have lost its golden pony in a pivotal moment.

Jeff Kaplan wasn’t just another employee. He was the last remaining relic of long-standing traditionalists within Blizzard’s everchanging culture, including founders Michael Morhaime and Frank Pearce.

Whatever Happened to the Blizzard of Yore?

With Blizzard ignoring most of its IPs beyond Overwatch & Diablo after losing Jeff Kaplan [AKA Papa Jeff/y] (in a move that doesn’t bode well for its sequel), what does that leave us with? A future of, “don’t you guys have phones?”, half-expansions, and mobiles? Dangling mainline entries in front of our faces like tantalizing carrots to a donkey. Maybe it’s just me, but it sure felt like Blizzard of 10-20 years ago cared about the games more.

But it could be understood if this were perceived as mere fanboy hyperbole. Or sensationalizing every tidbit of news, stumble, and trip. However, records show that Blizzard has lost 29% of its active player base over three years alone. Not just that, Blizzard has also seen a constant exodus of high -level employees since the pervasive acquisition by Activision including, but not limited to; David Kosak, Chris Kaleiki, and even mass firings on the back of Bobby Kotick’s massive bonuses.

Remember Blizzard Entertainment? ABG Remembers

Take note that it has been recently reported that Kotick’s bonus has been deservedly slashed. Even the ever-incredible had been invaded with barrages of Call of Duty and Destiny to an extent that felt like it should be shot for trespassing. Hell, Activision even did away with Battlechest game bundles specifically so it could sell 20-year old games and expansions piecemeal while half-assing Warcraft 3 Reforged, but I digress. Call it elitism, but when quality is on the line it’s a damn shame.

I’m just saying what many of us are thinking, and lord I hope I’m wrong, but: Rest In Peace OG Blizzard, you were good to our childhoods.

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