June 30, 2022

The Fall Part 2: Unbound – Nintendo Switch Review

The Fall Part 2: Unbound is the continuation of a story of an AI who is trying to break free from the limitations imposed on it by its creator. The Fall Part 2 is puzzle/adventure game, with elements of a point and click game, developed by Over the Moon.

As in the previous title, The Fall, you continue the role of the A.I called A.R.I.D. Both gameplay and story carry on from the first game, so we recommend you play the first game to get to grips with the story. There is a brief recap of the previous game and story at the start, but we can safely say it’s not enough to play on from. As you take on the role of A.R.I.D, you will quickly find you are forced to defend yourself and fight your way through all the attacks from the Human User.

The Fall 2 initially looks to be a Metroid-vania style game, this quickly becomes a more traditional point and click exploration. The game is a mix of platforming and puzzle solving for the scenarios. The puzzle side of the game is an element where you meet a droid called The Butler, a character who is stuck in a cycle of his chores. The main aspect here is that you can’t progress until you have completed these tasks. Once completed, you can start manipulating the butler to your own most important need – survival! You meet several droids throughout the gameplay who can aid you or try to stop you on your mission to find The User! The droid sequences are the puzzle solving sections of the game, and just like The Butler, they seem to be stuck in a set of tasks where the puzzle solving element is the only way out of it.

The Fall 2 control system isn’t something you can pick up straight away. Itll take a few attempts to get used to, as you aim with ZL, then use the right Joy-con analog stick to move up and down, then ZR is shoot…believe me, there has been a few times my fingers have gotten in a muddle! As well as the above button combos, there are also the buttons to use on the click on point elements. Where ZR is shoot, A is the context button to read the point of interest. There is a variety of point and click elements within the game and puzzles, but this where the game lets itself down. You get a variety of objectives to complete, but the game doesn’t give you a very good explanation, so you are left aimlessly clicking on everything to get to the puzzles. This can get frustrating, but not enough to stop you playing, as you are compelled to know what’s happening in the story.

The action and platform side of the game does bare a small resemblance to the classic; Metroid, but this only a small.

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ABG's Verdict
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


The fall part 2 is a very interesting game with a lot of different game genres in it, which I haven’t seen a lot of lately, the story makes you wonder what’s going to happen next but only thing that brings this title down a few points is the vague puzzles and the repetition in the level design.

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