The Falconeer Flying to Xbox One and PC in 2020

The Falconeer Flying to Xbox One and PC in 2020

Wired Productions announced that they are bringing The Falconeer to console for the first time. Indie developer Tomas Sala has single-handedly created this ocean-world action RPG.

The Falconeer combines classic aerial dogfighting mechanics and acrobatic twists-and-turns with an awe-inspiring open environment. There’s also a bestiary of fantastic enemies encountered in land, sea, and air to complete.

The Falconeer will have its world debut at this year’s X019. A release on Xbox One and PC will follow in 2020.

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Players will take their armed aerial mounts in third-person to the skies as a ‘Falconeer’, an airborne, agile warrior equipped with devastating ranged weaponry. Your mission as a Falconeer will be what you make it; be it the noble cause or the life of a rogue. As such, each player experience will be unique as they explore the bleak and hauntingly beautiful world. The Great Ursee features “wonderous locations” and “warmongering rival factions”. Each faction is vying for the mysterious secrets hidden at the Ursee’s unfathomable depths”.

Flying Towards Console & PC

Leo Zullo, Managing Director of Wired Productions, had the following to say on The Falconeer’s launch;

“We’re excited for fans to experience a true gem that will set the bar for what indie developers can offer games. We’ve been enamoured with this breath-taking aerial combat RPG, and are proud to be able to work collaboratively with Tomas, whose passion and talents can be seen in this beautiful and mesmerising game”.

The Press Release mentions the following;

“Fans of aerial combat will be treated to a fluid and eye-catching open-world experience. Majestic mounts control fluidly and freely with a graceful flight. These mounts act just as their bird of prey counterparts. Players get a sense of freedom and awe whilst being truly immersed in the Ursee’s simultaneously epic and hypnotic soundscape”.

Upcoming X019 will showcase the world’s first playable demo in London. More news will follow later next year when Wired Productions shares more information through the relative channels.

For more information on The Falconeer, check out their homepage. For further information on Wired Productions, visit their homepage.

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