May 28, 2022

The Division 2 “The Summit” Detailed In State of the Game

In the latest State of the Game devstream by Ubisoft Massive for The Division 2, more details were given to fans on how the new mode will work.

Billed as a skyscraper game mode, agents will scale a skyscraper in-game with every floor adding more difficult enemies, with the floors starting from floor 1 and going all the way up to 100.

It sounds brutal and fun as hell, which is what I imagine the building will resemble inside, though it seems there will be checkpoints, known as rally points.

These will seemingly occur every 10 floors of the skyscraper, though an elevator system is also teased for respawning every 3 floors or so, which is a mercy from Ubisoft I think I’ll need.

Title Update 11

The new game mode for The Division 2 will be released with Title Update 11 and be free for players who own Warlords of New York expansion.

Check out some more details for The Summit listed below:

  • All the factions will be involved in this mode (Hyena, True Sons, Black Tusk, Outcasts, Underground)
  • Legendary Floors (81-100) will have the White Tusk as enemies
  • Environments can change floor to floor
  • You will encounter old and new Objectives – for example:
  • Rescue Hostage
  • Destroy servers to disable hacked Warhounds
  • It should always be a new experience so that you don’t know what or who you will face on each floor.
  • A set of 10 Floors is about a Stronghold
  • The Boss drops loot in equivalent to a Stronghold
  • XP amount that you earn in a 10-floor segment is also equivalent to a Stronghold

This seems to equate to a new spin on the Underground section from the first game that was added post launch.

The Division 2 is adding a 100-story skyscraper gauntlet mode

How To Get Ascending

Just how do you go about starting the game mode and what will happen, well through the medium of lists I’ll tell you:

  • You start by approaching the elevator
  • When you play it the first time, you can only travel to the first floor
  • From then on you need to clear The Summit floor by floor
  • Every 10 Floors you encounter a boss level, that will unlock a “Rally Point”
  • For example, once you have beaten the boss on floor 10, you can use the elevator to reach the Rally Point on floor 11 next time and continue to play from there. (So you don’t have to start at floor 1 each time)
  • As you work your way up The Summit, you will encounter floors that have normal / hard / challenging / heroic / legendary (floor 81) difficulty and the higher you get the more difficult it will become.
  • It is up to you, what difficulty you want to play because once you have unlocked the Rally Points, you can use the elevators to reach the different floors.
  • For example, go to the Rally Point on floor 51 and continue to play on heroic there.
  • Once a Rally Point is activated, they stay active and you can return to them at any time you want.
  • You can return to the lobby after you have killed the boss on the different boss levels
  • The Global Difficulty is ignored – the floors define the difficulty
  • The Summit is accessible on the New York Mega Map

There will also be the possibility of Rogue Agents ambushing you at random, which sounds thrilling and frustrating depending on what floor they hit you on.

New Gear With The Title Update

There will also be new gear for you to acquire in the upcoming Title Update 11 for The Division 2 including the minefield like shrapnel trap, Hunter’s Fury Gear Set, Belstone Armory Brand Set, Exotic Memento Backpack, Exotic “Ridgeway’s Pride” Chest, Exotic Backfire SMG, SIX12 Shotgun and Kard-45 Pistol.

Title Update 11 is scheduled to drop some time this month, so keeps your ears peeled agents… I’m pretty sure that’s a thing.

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