July 3, 2022

Is The Division 2 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

It’s always fun to see huge, giant studios having a bit of banter amongst each other. And if banter is anything to go by, The Division 2 could be coming to Xbox Game Pass. The Division 2’s Twitter account is offering its players a chance to win various goodies.

These include a “custom Xbox One, The Division 2 game codes, and more”.

As a result, the official Xbox account replied to The Division 2‘s post saying:

“Are you locked and loaded? Because we are”.

Weighing in just below was another big player. The official Game Pass Twitter account wanted to make sure we know what’s up with this tweet:

“*grabs squirt gun* We’re ready”.

It goes without saying to take this news with a pinch of salt.

It is not necessarily true that The Division 2 is coming to Game Pass. Although considering that both the Xbox and Game Pass chimed in and commented while taking into account that The Division has been available to Game Pass holders for a while it certainly lends a bit more credibility to the rumours.

As of time of press, nothing has been announced by way of The Division 2 coming to the Game Pass. But, as they say, watch this space.

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