May 16, 2022

The Director of God of War Wants a Netflix Series

If you’ve enjoyed the amazing God of War, then you have might have heard of Cory Barlog.

Cory Barlog is the creative director for God of War, the award-winning PS4 game by Sony Santa Monica studio.

As noted by Gamesradar, Barlog recently Tweeted a desire to bring Kratos to Netflix, a la The Witcher.

Barlog’s confidence in the series’s potential stems from his faith in the game’s characters.

Sadly, Barlog continues to say that – first of all – this is not a hint of any kind but rather just “hopes and dreams”.

While Barlog was careful about raising hype, some followers were quick to add their own ideas on how to handle a possible Netflix adaptation.

One user known as Begaria implored Barlog not to make a movie. Using the ever-delayed Uncharted movie as an example, Begaria expressed themselves quite clearly.

However, Barlog likes to look for the silver lining in things. He has this to say about video game-movies;

“A well made movie can be great. We have had a tough time cracking that particular code but I don’t think it will be long before someone does it. It’s all in the execution, I think”.

Father of boy

Casting in these kinds of productions is of immense importance. I think we can all (now safely) agree that casting Henry Cavill as the Geralt of Rivia was a brilliant move.

A potential God of War adaptation needs a similarly smart casting choice. And yet again Twitter is quick to aid us.

This time, Emmy award-winning animator Rob Cabrera gave his two cents on who should play the ghost of Sparta.

Anyone who played 2018’s God of War can attest that it is a great game. And its’ pedigree holds enough potential to make a great series, due to its empathetic characters and fantastic world setting.

Following the success of Netflix’s The Witcher, isn’t outside the realms of possibility to imagine we may be seeing Kratos and Atreus in other ways than just in-game.

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