The Calisto Protocol Teething Issues a “Clerical Mistake”

The Calisto Protocol Teething Issues a “Clerical Mistake”

Its not been an easy launch for Striking Distance Studios “The Calisto Protocol”. A shorter than expected playtime, repetitive, janky combat and a host of stuttering issues have plagued experiences access the web. Reviews have reflected this, with a number of frustrated critics and players alike.

But, all of this could have been avoided, according to the studios CEO, Glen Schofield. In a tirade of tweets, the head man explains that at launch, the wrong file was patched for Calisto. That error, in turn was caused by a rush to get over the line. But to him his dues, Scofield has accepted full responsibility.

“I’ll figure out how this happened but right now my focus is fixing. All our energy is on that. In the end, I’m responsible and accountable,”

You can checkout the tweets for yourself below.

On Steam, players have been review-bombing the game due to its poor performance, with “mixed” the current meta. However, a patch went live late on launch day which helped improve the stuttering issues.

Another patch was issued for the console versions that were experiencing crashing and framerate issues. Striking Distance Studio also explains that it will continue to improve the game’s performance and listen to feedback.

As and when these issues are fixed remains to be seen, and at this point, the damage may have already been done. That said, if Cyberpunk can bounce back, and if you can look past this supposed clerical mishap, there’s certainly an interesting game underneath.

Source; IGN

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