The Blackout Club – – Xbox One Review

The Blackout Club – – Xbox One Review

The Blackout Club offers a co-op horror experience with an interesting story but is heavily weighed down with more grinding than a Tony Hawk’s game.

The story of the game puts me in mind of a teen movie or a Goosebumps book, where there are horror elements, but the game isn’t scary to say the least.

In The Blackout Club the kids have banded together to try and solve the mystery of why their parents are sleepwalking and what’s going on inside the facility underneath the town known as “The Maze”.

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Sneaking into peoples homes is fun… but only in the game

Stealth is the main genre of the game as the enemies cannot be defeated by the players, only slowed down or incapacitated.

Though having the option to kick someones door in when you don’t have a lockpick is exciting, it isn’t the stealthiest option and finding an open window is a more preferable option.

You will be sneaking around the town to complete your randomly selected objectives whilst avoiding the Daredevil like Sleepers and torch shining Lucid, as well as the drones and cameras that alert the others to your presence.

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The cotton reel disco in ‘The Maze’ is not well attended these days.

If you’re really unlucky you will become a target of The Shape, an invisible being that can only be seen by closing your eyes to see his heat signature.

Filling your ‘sin’ meter by being so bad at stealth you’d think you were walking on crisp packets in a teenagers bedroom will draw The Shape’s ire.

Being caught will put you into a trance, with your teammates needing to snap you out of it.

The objectives consist of activities like fetching a phone, photographing evidence or putting up recruitment posters.

Playing an objective for the first time can be fun, but once you’ve played a few rounds you will get the same objectives popping up regularly, which can become monotonous.

It’s surprisingly easy to rob a DJ.

Heroic Items for Kids

Before you embark on a mission you are in the clubhouse which is a disused train car.

This is the menu for picking your missions and selecting your loadout. You will have access to change your Hero items that include a stun gun, grappling hook and crossbow.

Lets not question why kids have these dangerous things.

You will also be able to look at how different items work and checkout a myriad of other things including character customization and staring at a mirror.

Redacre’s not a bad place to live until your friends sleepwalking Mum tries to abduct you…


After putting a good amount of hours into the game, I feel it would really suit a single player campaign with the multiplayer as the other half.

By no means is playing solo not an option but it would be such an engrossing single player campaign with more scope to focus on the story following the prologue.

Playing in a coordinated team is good fun, it’s just a shame that it can get repetitive very quickly; which unfortunately is the downfall of randomly generated missions.

If you’ve got some friends to play with I’d definitely recommend this but don’t expect to get that many hours of play out of the purchase.

Pros –

  • The controls are well mapped and responsive
  • Fun team play
  • The story has a good mystery and a creepy tone
  • Stealth is implemented well

Cons –

  • Repetitive grinding
  • Randomly generated missions
  • Story pacing effected by mission structure

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  • 6.5/10
    Overall - 6.5/10


The Blackout Club has a great premise and promising story, though fails to deliver the narrative experience it could have.

It’s much more fun in co-op, though playing solo can be a good challenge for when your team is offline.

The experience is unfortunately let down by grinding and the games randomly generated mission style.

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