The ABG Podcast – DLC Pack 1: Jambags Special

The ABG Podcast – DLC Pack 1: Jambags Special

In this very special episode of the “Near Genre Defining” ABG Podcast, Darren and Mike are joined by Dante And Rudy from the hilarious Jambags Podcast. The guys discuss their personal highlights and low points across the history of gaming and E3’s gone by. all blended together with our usual brand of professionalism and banter, and of course, everything ABG!

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The ABG Podcast – Episode 10; The "Next-Gen" is Here The ABG Podcast

In the latest instalment of the Any Button Gaming Podcast, James and Mike welcome Rudy Manchego/Christopher Haskins back for a third outing! And, it seems the Jambagger has brought another new-comer with him. Yes, please welcome Jason "Mantaraysmile" Wotherspoon to the team and find out what makes him tick.Then, the team discuss their early experiences with the next-gen consoles; James and Mike with the Xbox Series X, Jason on the Series S, and Rudy bigs up the PlayStation 5.And, as always, there's the usual mix of banter, bad comedy, and awful pronunciations, and ABG's special brand of "professionalism".For more information on all things Any Button Gaming, visit; us on Twitter; us on Facebook; us on Twitch; with us on Discord; rock some official ABG merch; 
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Make sure to go check out the Jambags YouTube channel for all of their brilliant content. Now let’s turn up that beef!!

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