That Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game Has Soft-Launched

That Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game Has Soft-Launched

A short while ago, we reported on a potential Crash Bandicoot-themed mobile game that was rumoured to be coming out.

The game was allegedly going to be an endless-runner, with Crash themed aesthetics.

Well, the Crash Bandicoot Mobile game (and yes, that does appear to be it’s actual title), has soft-launched in some territories.

A post on ResetEra spread the news, and the user also shared some gameplay footage.

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As you can see, it handles like any other endless-runner does. (Side note; Endless-runners are my jam when it comes to mobile games! Trés excited for this one!) Crash jumps, slides, and dodges left or right to avoid obstacles and barriers. However, this being Crash Bandicoot, he can also spin to attack/break open crates.

The game promises a fair bit of fan-service by the looks of things as well. The first level’s end boss is Scorporilla, who hasn’t been seen since the Crash of the Titans-era games.

There’s the unfortunate mobile nasties to contend with though – progress halted by wait-limits, etc. Which, I don’t doubt, will eventually lead to the usual pay-to-win/microtransactions we know and loathe in our games. However, presuming it doesn’t become too invasive, this could be a fun little waste of time.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is in soft-launch right now in select territories. Check here if you can already download it to your Android smartphone. (A presumed iOS launch has yet to be uncovered, I’m afraid).

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