TemTem’s Mythic Lair is now Open

TemTem’s Mythic Lair is now Open

For those of you who are fans of TemTem the Pokem….creature collecting MMO, you will now have access to the first Mythic Lair. For those who aren’t….I question how you got to this article, but hey, pseudo-Pokemon in an open world with friends? Sounds pretty good!

As part of the Cinpaku Island update the Mythic Lair will allow you and up to 5 of your friends to enter the Lair of Tyranak. You’ll have to use a variety of TemTem to access this Lair and once you’re in you anc your friends will have to fight successive battles using random items and TemTem as well as skill to overcome these challenges. During these challenges you’ll be able to collect Mythic Jewels. Get eighteen of them and you’ll get your chance to take on the big guy themselves; Tyranak.

So does the idea of a Pokemon-style raid interest you? If so, give TemTem a go as you might be surprised what it has in store.

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