Temtem Dev Relaxes Ban Policy After Criticism

Temtem Dev Relaxes Ban Policy After Criticism

Releasing a new online game is not without pitfalls, as Crema have discovered with Temtem. Fresh from server issues at launch, they’ve found another issue with online games; players cheating and using exploits.

Crèma tweeted to say they have banned around 900 players for intentionally using cheats and exploits. The bans are permanent and they expect more to follow, as they continue their efforts to detect exploit use.

The original tweet stated a somewhat extreme position of refusing to listen to appeals. However, game bans have taught us anything, it’s that cheat detection tools are not infallible. So, not having an appeals system in place is borderline indefensible. Unsurprisingly, this has not been well received.  As one user pointed out that having a 100% accuracy in banning players is nearly impossible.

Following the inevitable push back, Crema have accepted that having no appeal policy is indeed a bad look, and have adapted their policy. They will continue to ban those using exploits. However, players who feel like their ban may be unjust can now appeal the decision.

Temtem has launched to a positive reception, with both players and critics in agreement that the pokemon-like is excellent. Launched at a time when Nintendo is receiving criticism for their Sword and Shield launch, it’s fair to say that Temtem is a very welcome addition to the creature-collection space.

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