May 19, 2022

Techland Addresses “Inaccurate” Rumours

Despite what you might have read elsewhere, Techland is doing alright. The company is not a “total mess”, and Dying Light 2 is indeed in good hands.

Techland, developers of Dead Island and Dying Light, has come under scrutiny recently.

Polish news site, PolskiGamedev, noted how the company is in a “total mess”. The report came from an apparent internal leak, who also suggested Techland was being acquired by Microsoft.

Ola Sondej, Techland’s senior PR manager, took to Twitter to debunk these claims:

“In case you guys wondered, Techland was not acquired by another publisher. We’re still an independent studio, and will deliver Dying Light 2 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

On that note, the translation of the Techland article floating around is totally inaccurate.

While I have your attention, development of Dying Light 2 is moving forward, the game’s in good shape (and in good hands), so worry not. It IS coming”.

Clearly, despite what some sources may claim, Dying Light 2 is, ironically, not dead. The ongoing pandemic doesn’t help situations in the industry. As such, Techland has been one of the many developers to have been affected by delays or work from home sanctions.

Still, Sondej’s announcement does help dispel any doubts as to Dying Light 2‘s production. It’s just an unfortunate circumstance to the world we’re currently living in.

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