Team17 Joins the Crypto-craze with Worms-branded NFTs

Team17 Joins the Crypto-craze with Worms-branded NFTs

Team17, long-time British indie publisher/developer, has announced it is joining the NFT craze.

NFTs [or Non-Fungible Token], for the uninitiated, are pieces of intellectual property users can purchase, usually using cryptocurrency. (This is, of course, dumbing the whole concept down to a single sentence).

NFTs are currently (and infamously) known for objectively ugly computer-generated images.

The problematic hot-topic surrounding producing and storing NFTs hasn’t been enough to dissuade Team17, sadly. Team17 has unveiled its new “limited edition” unique pieces of computer-generated artwork, “MetaWorms“.

Reality Gaming Group will be responsible for selling the artwork. Reality Gaming is using a “side-chain” of the “Ethereum main-net”…whatever that means.

Apparently, this means that the MetaWorms are much more environmentally friendly than other NFTs. Reality Gaming states that “should 100,000 people buy [an NFT], the energy used to register these unique images would be ‘the average annual kettle usage of just 11 households'”.

However, there is at least some positivity coming out of this. Team17 and Reality Gaming has partnered with Coin 4 Planet, an NFT-sustainability firm. The sales of the MetaWorms NFTs will benefit the Refeed Farms programme, which invests in worm beds that process food waste.

If you’re interested, there’s a website and a Discord channel, though both are pretty bare-bones currently.