Tanthious – A Dark Fantasy Action-Adventure RPG

Tanthious – A Dark Fantasy Action-Adventure RPG

Tanthious is currently in development by Xaxis games limited. Rise from nothing, Discover the secrets your ancestors left behind. Forge yourself into the perfect weapon to survive the seven demon lords and their armies. An Epic Journey awaits, every time you leave town!

Atheria has fallen, All its people gone. When all is lost, they called for you. Trained by a mysterious immortal. Outcast from the city your grandfather founded, You alone must face seven Demon Lords and their armies to save humanity. Discover the legacy of your ancestors and rescue the people of Atheria, For you are the last and only hope.

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Learn and Master each fighting style to use against dynamic stat based enemies that grow more diverse as you level. Dodge, block and parry as you wait for openings.

  •  Seamlessly Combo melee attacks into skills and/or spells to create your own moves
  • – Break the enemies poise or block, dodge and parry as you wait for an opening to counter
  • – Weight system that dynamically effects attack and movement speed
  • – Build your character and playstyle how you want – No Classes -No Hard Item restrictions
  • – Procedural Stat based A.I. – Enemies grow more diverse and powerful as you level

There is currently no release date for this game. When released it will be available on Steam. If you want to support the developer further you can do so via the Kickstarter page.

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