May 27, 2022

Tamarin a New Game From ex Rare Team Members

Tamarin is a 3D action platformer in which you are an adorable monkey. You are on a quest to save your family from evil, sinister insects.

Former Rare team members founded Chameleon Studios who are the developers for Tamarin. These members have worked on such titles as Banjo-KazooieBattletoadsDonkey Kong 64, and GoldenEye 007. Tamarin is their current offering.

Within the game there is a vast world divided into a number of interconnected locations. These locations have a Scandinavian look about them, they include: picturesque coastlines, fjords, dense forests, as well as underground tunnels and complexes. 

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Explore, Leap, Shoot

Players have to prove their skills when travelling through these locations. Lots of jumping between platforms and avoiding various traps. In addition, you have to face enemies that are waiting for you, such as: electric skylights and dancing ants. Of course these can be eliminated with an arsenal of firearms that you have at your disposal. 

Not all creatures are hostile though. In the course of the adventure, you will meet other animals who, in exchange for any help that you provide for them, will bestow upon you a variety of rewards.

Tamarin will be available of PC and PS4 on 10th September 2020

There is good news for Xbox gamers. Work has started on development for this platform and is expected for release in 2021

Source: Chameleon Games

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