May 19, 2022

Take-Two Takedown GTA: San Andreas Unreal Upgrade

RIP, ArcadiaSquad. Your work on making an Unreal Engine remaster of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas shall be remembered for what it was; a beautiful ode to one of the greatest games ever made. Albeit, a short-lived one.

Recently, a fan-made edit of what Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would look like remade on Unreal Engine 4 made the rounds.

The team behind the “remake”, ArcadiaSquad, used various assets for Rockstar’s ground-breaking 2004 title.

The “upgrade” was visually impressive, as you’d imahine.

However, Take-Two has since gotten involved and forcibly removed the video – and any trace of ArcadiaSquad. As such, the original has been scrubbed from the internet. A cheeky little search can yield positive results, but it’s unlikely the video will stay up too long.

A search for Arcadia, however, will result in limited results at best. Patreon and Facebook note the team’s pages have been removed. Meanwhile, the Arcadia YouTube channel yields a page with no content whatsoever.

It’s another case of IP/copyright-claims, unfortunately. Whilst it was a pretty impressive project, it would only have been a matter of time before the inevitable happened. RIP, ArcadiaSquad. Your work shall be missed.

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