Take a Look at the Trailer for HyperSpace: Pirates of Atira

Take a Look at the Trailer for HyperSpace: Pirates of Atira

The new indie co-op space simulator, from creator Filip Coulianos, looks to be shaping up pretty nicely. The trailer for HyperSpace : Pirates of Atira, which you can watch below, talks us through the basics.

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Pirates Working Together

The game sees you working as a Pilot, Co-Pilot or an Engineer. All with their own roles to play on the ship. This all sounds fine and dandy as a standard simulator. However, it looks like the game has much more to sink your teeth into.

We’ll obviously be working together to keep our ship “afloat” (does that word apply for space?). But along with that is resource management. We’ll have to dock at spacecraft, asteroids, and space-stations, in order to gather more resources.

These moments off-ship will break up the game-play with some puzzles and combat. What’s most impressive though, is how polished it all looks. I mean, just look how nice and shiny everything is!

A Galaxy Not So Far Away

HyperSpace: Pirates of Atira has been in the works for a few years now, getting regular updates on social media and its website. While it’s not yet a full release, if you’d like to give it a go, you can join the Discord here.

Filip also has some videos on his YouTube channel, giving us a better idea of the moment to moment game-play and how it’ll pan out.

You could say it’s still early days, but this is definitely one game we’ll be keeping our eyes on!

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