Taipei Game Show Delayed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Taipei Game Show Delayed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

This year’s Taipei Game Show has to be put on hold, it has been reported. The show is being postponed because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. Organizers of the event made the decision on Friday 31st January.

The World Health Organization has already declared the outbreak a national emergency. The virus has killed 258 people and infected over 9,100 others to date.

The show was on the books to run February 6th through the February 9th originally. Netting in over 320,000 visitors annually, the show could be breeding ground for the spread of infection.

This could be problematic for game studios and publishers. Some publishers who might have been waiting to show off new games or other types of announcements, and now can’t.

The Taipei Game Show often has plenty of rumored games that make their premiere at the show. Included with the rumors was the debut of a new Elden Ring video. FromSoftware hasn’t put any sort of news or information out since last year’s E3. Thus fans are eager to hear more about Elden Ring.

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The event organizers have stated that they plan to reschedule the show for some time in summer. But moving the show could cause conflicts with other shows like E3, Gamescon or even San Diego Comic con.

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