Swordcery – A Rogue-like, Melee-based Action-RPG

Swordcery – A Rogue-like, Melee-based Action-RPG

Swordcery started out as a literal dream about a weapon that looked like giant pizza cutlery which sparked an idea. What if there was a hero who wielded the power of hundreds of really weird and quirky swords? The spark soon became a flame and, in 2019, Temple Door Games (a duo indie dev team based in Los Angeles, CA.) was founded to make that dream a reality.

Swordcery is a rogue-like, melee-based action-RPG whose treacherous, ever-evolving path will challenge players with reactionary combat, vicious enemies, and formidable boss fights.

A rain of blades has fallen to Earth in a catastrophic event known as the “World Rending.”

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Play as Colt, an unwitting hero who must venture forth to collect these swords and learn to wield the powers within each unique blade. What allies await your arrival? What foes snarl at your progress? What extraordinary and mysterious swords wait to be wielded? Discover the answers and unleash the power of Swordcery to vanquish the Celestial evil that seeks to corrupt our world!


  • Procedural dungeon generation with hand-crafted rooms for new challenges each playthrough
  • A blend of humor and wordplay to give personality to swords, items, and interactions
  • Reactionary melee-based combat that combines blade attacks and swordcery abilities
  • Over 100 unique swords and swordcery powers allow players to approach each battle in a new way
  • Twin-stick controls offer mobility, aiming, and a variety of combat options
  • Additional passive and active relics to supplement your arsenal
  • 10 sword classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Colorful aesthetic complete with menacing (and sometimes adorable) enemies
  • Formidable bosses and enemies offer a challenge to both novice and veteran gamers alike
  • A multitude of upgrade options for attacking and defending to allow players to craft their own play style

Currently there is no release date. The Prologue is available on Steam or you to play if you cannot wait.

Source: SwordceryGame

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