Survive A Post-Apocalyptic, World In The Living Remain, Announced Today

Survive A Post-Apocalyptic, World In The Living Remain, Announced Today

Developer Five Finger Studios is delighted to announce their upcoming VR zombie adventure The Living Remain will be coming to Steam and Oculus headsets.

The Living Remain is a gritty first-person shooter putting players into the role of Grant, a former soldier desperately searching for his family in the midst of a terrifying zombie apocalypse. With a whole arsenal of weapons and tools available, players can take on the horde or explore and scavenge their way through derelict environments.

By utilising a creative radio mechanic, players can expertly navigate the zombie-infested concrete jungle with the help of another survivor, Alex.

The announcement comes with a debut trailer, which showcases the high-quality graphics, physics-based environments and, of course, the zombie horde. Built exclusively for VR, The Living Remain challenges players to face death head-on with a compelling survival experience. 

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Stephen and Pamela Marshall, co-founders of Five Finger Studios said: “Our vision with The Living Remain was to create a VR game that incorporated ideas from some of our favourite genres of movies and videogames while creating an experience that we would want.

This meant taking on a project that felt much bigger than us, but that only motivated us to keep going.

It meant so much to be able to create something from the ground up, and offer players a fun and immersive experience.”


Built from the ground up by two people, The Living Remain is a virtual reality first-person adventure shooter that lets players immerse themselves in a new world where the undead have taken over. 

  • Full Narrative-Driven Campaign – Embark on a journey to reunite Grant’s family and progress through a compelling storyline.
  • Play Your Way – Build an arsenal with a variety of guns, such as pistols, assault rifles, shot guns, etc. Or wield a knife for up close and personal combat.
  • Realistic Pistol and Assault Rifle Aiming/Firing– Look down your sights while you take down hordes of the undead.
  • Physics Based Environments– Players can break through glass using their own hands and even push objects away. 
  • Varied Gameplay Mechanics – Craft, scavenge, climb, solve puzzles and more.
  • Full Locomotion– Traverse through various environments using full locomotion with smooth touchpad/stick walking to freely roam, scavenge, and explore.

Players can watch the announcement trailer and wishlist the game over on its Steam page

Source: GamePress

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