May 25, 2022

Superhot: Mind Control Delete FREE If You Bought First Game

If you’ve supported Superhot before 16th July, you can get the recently released Mind Control Delete for FREE. Everyone else, we’re flat out of luck, I’m afraid. Still worth a go though.

That’s right, Superhot “DLC”, Mind Control Delete is free to anyone who purchased a copy of Superhot.

However, if you obtained the game via the Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, etc, you do not qualify for the free “add-on”. And it only counts if you purchased the non-VR version of the game. Plus, you have to have bought the game before 16th July 2020.

We use the terms “DLC” and “add-on” loosely here, as Mind Control Delete could actually be looked at as the third entry in the Superhot series.

(That’s presuming you count Superhot and Superhot VR as two separate games, of course. Coincidentally, developer Superhot Team does.)

It doesn’t matter whether you bought the game through GOG, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Origin, or the Epic Games stores, you’ll qualify all the same.

Mind Control Delete follows in the original game’s time-flowing based action. If you’re new to the series, basically, time will only progress when you move your character. You need to use these time-affecting moments to plan how to attack enemies and dodge bullets. It’s a hell of a ride, especially in VR.

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For more information on Mind Control Delete, Superhot Team has provided an FAQ. Mind Control Delete is available now on GOG, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Origin, and Epic Games stores.

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