Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Announces Features Available at Launch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Announces Features Available at Launch

Today at 7 am PT / 10 am ET, Super Smash Bros series director Masahiro Sakurai presented fans with a sneak peak at some of the features that will be available in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game set to launch on Nintendo Switch December 7, 2018.

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Stages and Sound Tracks

This new version of the game will feature 103 stages, which is considerably more than what was available in the previous games.  Fans will be happy to know that many of their favourites will be returning as well as a few new ones like New Donk City Hall, one of the locations from the Mario Odessey game.  All of the stages will be available from the start of the game (no more need to earn stages) and will be available in both Battlefield and Omega forms.  Interesting to note is that the stages from the Nintendo 64 version of the game have intentionally be set to keep the old look.

Stages will also be able to transform (morph) during game play.  To do this the player will select the Morph option in the menu and then select 2 stages. During game play the stages will morph between the two.

Along with the large number of stages, there will also be around 900 tracks of music included.  Each stage will have a series of tracks applicable to the game the stage is from and the player will have the ability to select the music they will hear during the battle themselves, no worries though as you will be able to do a sound test of each of the tracks before selecting.   Another exciting feature is the ability of the player to create a playlist and use the Nintendo Switch like an mp3 player to listen to the playlist while the screen is dark.


Fans will be happy to know that the Nintendo Switch game will host the largest selection of characters.  Every character from the previous games is returning with the addition of a few new characters.  Masahiro announced that 10 Pokemon characters will be joining the list of available fighters, along with Ridley (Samus’s nemesis) and Princess Daisy.

As well as the new characters there will be Assist Trophies; which are characters that will enter the competition as a special guest to help you. Rathalos from Monster Hunter was also announced to be joining the game as a Boss type character however he can also show up as an Assist Trophy.  He is the first character to hold both roles.


A few changes have been made to the battle modes from the previous versions.  The option to set rules for the game as well as select the stage before the characters are some of those changes.  The Stamina Battle mode has been added as a stock battle mode.  The addition of a Squad Strike battle mode of 5v5 and 3v3 elimation and a Tournament mode that will automatically set up the tournament based on the number of fighters selected is sure to excite many fans.

The single player mode will still be available.


To assist players in mastering their characters, in the training mode Nintendo has added a grid to help players judge distances.

Mysterious Mode

Last but definitely not least, Masahiro Sakurai pointed out a Mysterious Mode on the home screen of the game.  The only thing he would say is that he can’t give any more information right now and to be patient.

Also announced today on twitter by Nintendo of Europe is a Limited Edition version, currently only confirmed as available in Europe, that will be available for purchase alongside the regular edition.  With the Limited Edition not only will you get a copy of the game, but you also receive a Nintendo GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros. edition and a Nintendo GameCube Controller adapter.

What do you think the Mysterious Mode will be?  Are you going to purchase the regular or Limited Edition?   Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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