Super Rare Originals – Lone Ruin Launches 12th January

Super Rare Originals – Lone Ruin Launches 12th January

Super Rare Originals [SRO] is teaming up with Cuddle Monster Games for the next epic indie release!

This time around, the two team up to bring LONE RUIN to the Nintendo Switch and Steam on January 12th!

SRO is the indie publishing arm of our good friends, Super Rare Games (in case you weren’t aware/had forgotten).

As SRO notes;

“Venture into an old, magical ruin to seek an ancient power in this highly replayable roguelike twin-stick shooter, from the creator of Hell is Other Demons. Optimise spells and build ultimate combos to defeat twisted monstrosities in this hellishly vibrant, highly addictive action game”.

Lone Ruin is the second SRO release, right behind beloved Grapple Dog. (Seriously, in our review of Grapple Dog, we found basically no issues and awarded it a perfect score)


LONE RUIN is a spell-based roguelike, twin-stick shooter with a focus on replayability. Play as an explorer who seeks a mysterious ancient power and venture to a ruined magical city, built atop a source of magic used by olden mages to power and transform themselves.

Dive deeper and deeper, battling your way through twisted creatures. You must utilise your own magic abilities to ultimately reach the center of the Lone Ruin.

🧙‍♂️ A City Corrupted

What once was a buzzy civilisation with people living in harmony with the magic surrounding them has long since been driven mad and twisted beyond recognition by the very magic that used to help sustain them. What could have corrupted this city? 

Having heard the legends, you, a gifted spellcasting explorer, arrive at these hostile ruins a millenia later. Your goal is to seek out this ancient power and finally cleanse the city of the corruption that consumed it. The answer probably lies in the center of Lone Ruin… if you can make it there.

👁️ Outlive the Ruins

Fight your way through blood-pumping battles, a whole host of enemies, and multiple bosses in several distinct, hellishly vibrant areas. Don’t let the horrifying creatures get the best of you! 

 Spells Aplenty

It’s dangerous to go alone! So pick the spell that best fits your play style to survive the hazards of the Lone Ruin. Maximise your destructive magical setup combo through the many upgrades and customisation options available as you venture deeper into the ruins via your chosen path. 

🚨 Survive the Chaos

Looking for a different challenge? Take on the Survival mode for a timed, wave-based game mode. How long can you survive against the rising difficulty and increasingly tougher foes?

👿 Hell is Other Demons

Developed by Cuddle Monster Games, the studio behind hit indie arena roguelike Hell is Other Demons (Metacritic: 85)

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