Super Rare Games – Flynn: Son of Crimson Physical Edition Announced

Super Rare Games – Flynn: Son of Crimson Physical Edition Announced

Super Rare Games [SRG] is partnering up with Humble Games and Studio Thunderhorse to bring you the beautifully handcrafted 2D action-platformer Flynn: Son of Crimson. This is the first time Flynn: Son of Crimson will be available in physical form for the Nintendo Switch.

Only 4,000 copies total will ever be printed. These go on sale on the 24th of March at 6 pm GMT (11 am PDT/2 pm EDT). And, they will be available worldwide – exclusively – at

In typical SRG tradition, this rare print physical release includes;

  • all the current content on its cart,
  • a full-colour manual,
  • interior artwork,
  • an exclusive sticker,
  • and trading cards.

Fans won’t have long to wait, as SRG titles ship soon after going on sale.

About Flynn: Son of Crimson

A journey about discovery and conflict, Flynn: Son of Crimson follows our titular character, Flynn, as he learns to master the art of Crimson Energy while standing up against The Scourge invasion. Pairing up with your mythical companion Dex, the Guardian Spirit of the Land, it is up to you to protect the beautiful island of Rosantica from evil in this gorgeous 2D action-platformer.

🐺 Embrace the Power of Crimson Energy

Discover incredible powers drawn from Flynn’s mysterious lineage, and help him master the art of Crimson Energy.

💎 An Epic Arsenal

Dash and pierce wielding your trusty Crimson Blade, land powerful precision blows with the Crimson Axe, and unleash aerial superiority wearing the Crimson Claws.

🐺 A World in Peril

Uncover the ancient mysteries of Rosantica, and collect powerful relics to help face the sinister evils waiting for you in The Scourge.

💎 An Unbreakable Bond

Summon your mythical companion, protector, and very good doggo Dex in times of need, and charge alongside her into battle.

🐺 Master the Elements

Command elemental magic in the form of fire, ice, and lightning, and use it to overcome the obstacles and enemies in your path.

💎 Handcrafted Adventure

Lose yourself in a beautifully handcrafted 2D world filled with gorgeous forests, fantastic realms, and wondrous creatures.

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For more information on Super Rare Games, visit the SRG page. For more information on Flynn: Son of Crimson, check out the game’s Nintendo eStore page. Follow SRG on Twitter or their YouTube channel for more news, updates, and trailers. And, whilst you’re there, tell them Any Button Gaming sent you. You won’t get anything special, but it’ll show Ryan and Anni we care!

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