May 22, 2022

Super Rare Games Announces Physical Indie Game “Mixtape”

With 30 games and 6 demos!

Super Rare Games [SRG] is incredibly excited to reveal Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1. The “mixtape” features a curated collection of indie games from some of the best and brightest up-and-coming developers.

Only 1,000 copies will be available for sale for this debut volume. Vol. 1 goes on sale on 19th August at 6 pm BST (10 am PT/1 pm ET). It will be available worldwide for £28 (+ relevant VAT & shipping) at

[Please note; the Mixtape will be for PC, not Nintendo Switch]

Super Rare Mixtape Features

30 games – a curated collection of 30 varied games from small indie developers in the freeware scene:- from retro first-person shooters and platformers, to visual novels, tower defences, and quick experimental ideas. This is a showcase of pure creativity that finally gives these games the attention and preservation they deserve

? Six demos – to fit with its PC compilation disc/PlayStation 1 demo disc type vibes, we’ve partnered with teams behind some of the most exciting upcoming commercial indie games to provide playable demos. These include; SkateBIRDGrapple DogBillie Bust Up, and more!

? USB tape cassette – your mixtape of games are fittingly featured on a tape cassette shaped USB. This comes complete with a built-in custom launcher for easy plug ‘n’ play use on your Windows PC or laptop 

? Collector’s box – the gorgeous slim box, designed to fit in with your games collection, also includes a full-colour manual with a full page dedicated to each of the 36 titles and why we chose them for this collection

1,000 copies* – as a tester to see if there’s an audience for this uniquely new idea of physical collections of tiny indie games for PC, only 1,000 copies of Volume 1 are available for sale. Hopefully, we can make many more volumes in the future!

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