July 5, 2022

SubaraCity launches on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 9th August

CIRCLE Entertainment and Flyhigh Works are delighted to announce that SubaraCity will launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 9th August; that includes North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. This charming puzzle experience will cost just $5.00USD / €5,00 / £4.49.

SubaraCity on Nintendo Switch offers a new twist for puzzle game fans, combining careful planning with relaxing gameplay. You’re not just matching blocks, but you’re city building at the same time!

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On Nintendo Switch the game can be played on the TV with the controller, or you can even play in portable mode and use touch controls.

The buildings on the blocks can be combined into larger, and special, buildings. It’s a simple rule but there are hidden complexities, and as the years pass each move plays an important role. Your decisions will determine the city’s future – develop your city step-by-step to make a “SubaraCity”!


  • Enhanced and optimised for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Play your way, either on the TV with a controller, tabletop mode or even using the touchscreen in portable mode.
  • Strategic puzzle gaming with a twist as you try to build a great city.
  • Find the right combinations for the best results!

SubaraCity launches globally on the Nintendo Switch on 9th August.

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