Street Fight IV Was Almost a Turn-Based Game

Street Fight IV Was Almost a Turn-Based Game

As reported by NintendoVillage, Street Fighter IV was very nearly a turn-based fighter. Series producer Yoshinori Ono admitted how he had a “revolutionary” idea to make the 2008 entry a turn-based auto-fighter

During an interview at EGX 2019, Ono claimed that you could have chosen moves you want a character to perform and then they would string the combos together automatically. Which doesn’t exactly sound like something that would have worked.

As a result of Capcom’s fighting series falling from vogue, Ono admitted how he was forced to make such a radical choice to reinvigorate the series.

“I did have an idea that I thought was revolutionary, to turn it into more of a turn-based simulation. So you would take the moves you want to do and put them together like blocks and they’d run automatically. But obviously we didn’t make that in the end.”

Thankfully for Capcom, Street Fighter IV was hugely popular without the dramatic change. As a result of its popularity, the Street Fighter series made its *ahem* modest return. Since 2008, no fewer than nine titles in the series have been released. These include a Tekken crossover, a Megaman crossover, and the 30th Anniversary edition.

And just think, all of that might never have happened had Yoshinori’s vision made it into the mix.

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