Streamer used a Pomegranate to Beat Hades

Streamer used a Pomegranate to Beat Hades

Streamer Dylan Beck, better known professionally as “Rudeism”, has done the impossible.

Well, maybe the improbable.

Either way, he’s managed to beat Hades using a garden-variety pomegranate.

For context, Hades is a rogue-lite indie title that came out last year. And, by all accounts, it’s pretty difficult on a controller. So, to use a pomegranate and make a complete playthrough with it is something else.

For further context, Rudeism has made his career out of playing games with…interesting controller choices. Civilisation VI with a sieve [see; SIEVE-ilisation. Yeah, he beat me to it]. Battlefield with a NERF gun. Crash Bandicoot with a Dance Mat. Actually, also, Dark Souls with a Dance Mat. And a frying pan. Look, the internet’s weird, alright?

Anyways, in his goal to complete all manner of games with all manner of everyday items, Rudeism chose the obvious choice of a pomegranate for Hades. Pomegranates are one of the game’s power-up items, so it was actually not that strange of a choice. You know, all things considered.

We should clarify that Rudeism also used a MakeyMakey circuit board to complete his task – mainly because pomegranates aren’t renowned for their connectivity with PCs. After a fairly quick set-up (that also involved a knife and a chopping board), Rudeism was ready to go.

And, he did surprisingly well. You can see his attempts here;

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Again, this isn’t Rudeism’s first-time using a real-world object to play a video game. But it is perhaps his messiest. And most delicious.