May 17, 2022

Streamer used a Pomegranate to Beat Hades

Yes, as in THAT sort of pomegranate

Streamer Dylan Beck, better known professionally as “Rudeism”, has done the impossible.

Well, maybe the improbable.

Either way, he’s managed to beat Hades using a garden-variety pomegranate.

For context, Hades is a rogue-lite indie title that came out last year. And, by all accounts, it’s pretty difficult on a controller. So, to use a pomegranate and make a complete playthrough with it is something else.

For further context, Rudeism has made his career out of playing games with…interesting controller choices. Civilisation VI with a sieve [see; SIEVE-ilisation. Yeah, he beat me to it]. Battlefield with a NERF gun. Crash Bandicoot with a Dance Mat. Actually, also, Dark Souls with a Dance Mat. And a frying pan. Look, the internet’s weird, alright?

Anyways, in his goal to complete all manner of games with all manner of everyday items, Rudeism chose the obvious choice of a pomegranate for Hades. Pomegranates are one of the game’s power-up items, so it was actually not that strange of a choice. You know, all things considered.

We should clarify that Rudeism also used a MakeyMakey circuit board to complete his task – mainly because pomegranates aren’t renowned for their connectivity with PCs. After a fairly quick set-up (that also involved a knife and a chopping board), Rudeism was ready to go.

And, he did surprisingly well. You can see his attempts here;

YouTube player

Again, this isn’t Rudeism’s first-time using a real-world object to play a video game. But it is perhaps his messiest. And most delicious.

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