Stray Keeps Getting Better with Mods

Stray Keeps Getting Better with Mods

Stray, the uncrowned GOTY, is a fantastic feline simulation experience.

You take control of a cat, doing all manner of cat things (see; cause mayhem and bring chaos to the surrounding vicinity) in a post-human cyberpunk world.

Whilst it may be short (clocking in at around five hours of game time), it’s a delightful time for fans of cats.

Our own Mike K Allen will have a review up soon.

However, this being the internet and humans being what they are, PC players have decided to make the game more…interesting.

That’s right, mods have come to Stray because of course they have.

Some of the mods are simple reskins of real-life cats, some are…well, you can guess.

One modder, NorskPL, is offering your cat (or at least, a reskin of their fur) based on commissions.

If you’re more interested in giving your feline protagonist some accessories, there are a number of mods; an eyepatch, Harry Potter-esque glasses, and a newsboy cap.

You’re able to transform your cat into a variety of different characters as well, including; Disney’s Bolt (yes, the dog), a Minecraft pig, Garfield (yes, that Garfield), and, naturally, CJ. Yes, as in Carl Johnson. As in GTA: San Andreas‘ Carl Johnson.

And, for the absolute icing on the cat, if you’re sick of hearing your cat meow, you can instead get him to, well…

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We may be in the darkest of timelines, but Stray is everything I could ever want in a game and then some.

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