Steam Summer Sale – Best Deals from 2021 Revealed

Steam Summer Sale – Best Deals from 2021 Revealed

Forget Amazon Prime Day, the annual sale of the year is finally upon us. Just in time for the heat wave, as we cower indoors blanketed by sweet sweet AC, Steam has just what you need stave off the unrelenting heat. And this year, the biggest digital marketplace has certainly not disappointed.

But as seasoned sales hunters know too well, there are literally thousands of games on sale, vying for your attention, throwing themselves on the mercy of your discretion. But times are tight right now, and the last thing we need is yet another game clogging up our collective backlog. Which is exactly why we at ABG have rummaged though the bargain bins, and retrieved the diamonds in the rough.

Below you’ll find the best games on sale from 2021, recent releases that simply cannot be ignored. So grab yourself a bargain, close the curtains and whack the dehumidifier up to 11. It’s only a few months till autumn, after all.

2021 Video Game Sales on Steam

Nier Replicant – $45 / £37 (25% off)

The prequel to a game that brought the crazy world of Yoko Toro to whole new level, Neir Replicant receives a major facelift in this wonderfully playful JRPG. Not quite a remake, not quite a remaster, but wholly beautiful and wonderfully brought up to current gaming standards. This was a great game in 2011, but Platinum Games have ensured that new audiences to the series will be as enthralled as those who found this gem the first time around. A must purchase.

Nioh 2 – $40 / £40 (20% off)

An exceptional sequel to what might be the best Soulsborn series outside of the From Soft studios. This only came to PC in March, but since then audiences can’t get enough of this brutal action RPG set in feudal Japan. It’s complex fighting systems demand mastery, and whilst brutally punishing at times, this game will reward those with the tenacity to push through. Replayability galore, and it looks utterly beautiful to boot.

Little Nightmares 2 – $24 / £20 (20% off)

Anyone that has played the original Little Nightmares will know exactly what to expect here. The sequel is true to the original in everyway, with no punches pulled in the best bleak side-scroller you find outside of Inside. Little Nightmares 2 balances black humour and truly unsettling spookies with deft perfection. Better still, the original is 75% off at just $5 for those needing to play catch-up.

Persona 5 Strikers – $40 / £37 (33% off)

Perhaps not the finest entrant in the Persona series, but decent follow up to the exceptional Persona 5 in a sort of Dynasty Warriors way. If the love child of both of those sounds like it’ll flick your switch, then grab it now for $20 off on Steam.

Disco ElysiumThe Final Cut | $26 / £23 (35% off)

There’s little more to say about Disco Elysium that we haven’t already said. Scoring a perfect 10 in our original review, there’s very little this game doesn’t do with exceptional panache. If playing a degenerate cop, investigating murder in a dystopian, politicised ghetto grabs your attention, this game is right up your street.

Evil Genius 2 – $30 / £26 (25% off)

Evil Genius 2

Taking a leaf right out of the Peter Moleneux book of game design, this wonderfully creative sim knows just how good it feels to be bad. Evil Genius 2 sits you at the throne of your own dastardly empire, hatching schemes of world domination with wonderfully humorous animation to boot. A wickedly indulgent title that has improved what was already a great game on launch though a number of bloat reducing patches. Steam is currently offering a whopping 25% off right now, so maybe crime does pay after all.

Outriders – $39 / £32 (35% off)


The latest looter-shooter to hit our download queue, Outriders is something of a mash-up between Destiny and The Division. Truly a beautiful game, with a number of different classes to engender experimentation and replayability. With an engaging narrative, it’s a solid addition to a growing genre too frequently packed to the brim with needless pay-to-win mechanics touted as live service essentials. Luckily, you won’t find any of that bunk here. Best played with friends, but with hundreds of thousands of players worldwide, you shouldn’t have any problems.

That’s it for now, but we’ll keep on scouring the Steam Summer Sale and be back soon with another round-up of some of the cheaper games to get your taste buds tingling. did we miss one of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

Source; PC Gamer

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