Steam Officially Launches in China

Steam Officially Launches in China

The world’s biggest gaming market has finally allowed Steam to enter. Yes, the gaming platform finally launches in China. As its predecessors it is not allowed to walk this path alone. It has partnered with MMORPG specialist, Perfect World.

The country’s strict control means “Steam China” has only 41 titles available at launch. Compare this to over 48,000 on the global version. It is likely that regulations will hamper the variety of new additions for the foreseeable future.

Red Tape

China’s gaming authority has previously placed bans on Mahjong and poker, titles based on China’s imperial past, and games that feature blood or corpses. Explaining this away by citing violence and video game addiction among young players. This process has become even stricter in recent years, following a 2018 government freeze on all new game license approvals and a set of new regulations that sought to reduce the total number of games approved for release in the country each year. The freeze lifted in 2019 but the total number of game approvals is much lower than it was in the past.

As such, Steam says that every game on the Chinese service must be vetted for approval by the country’s government. So do not expect anything more than a trickle of games to come through. Upon getting the green light, the Chinese publisher of each title is granted an ISBN number that is displayed on its Steam product page.

However, progress is progress no matter how small.

Source: Steam

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