Steam Now Boasts a User-Friendly Feature

Steam Now Boasts a User-Friendly Feature

Steam has seen a new feature quietly added to the platform.

The new feature now allows users to add a new game to their library.

Sounds reductive, but, previously, users couldn’t add a new game to their libraries without downloading the game at the same time.

Obviously, downloading a game takes up system resources and time.

The update hasn’t been announced via an official Steam post, but rather the user’s first-hand experience.

It should be noted that this new feature likely won’t be of much use to anyone who purchases anything other than free-to-play titles.

After all, you have to actually buy a game before you can download it/add it to your library.

However, there is a plethora of free-to-play games on Steam at any given time.

It should also be noted that, yes, there were workarounds to adding games to your library without fully downloading them.

However, this new button is a one-click option that should eliminate a need for bypassing Steam’s programming.

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