Steam Deck Update Adds Lock Screen and Universal Keyboard Support

Steam Deck Update Adds Lock Screen and Universal Keyboard Support

Last night Valve quietly put out an update for its recently launch Steam Deck. Announced on Monday, the update includes a host of useful features, including the ability to set a PIN, locking the device from unwanted use. After installing the update, users will be able to enable the lock screen and set a PIN from the Steam Deck’s settings menu.

Alongside the much-needed security upgrade, other updates are manifest. The achievements page has a new and shiny “refresh” function, which according to Valve speeds up loading times and is “easier to navigate”. Valve also introduced localised keyboards supporting 21 languages and layouts, enabling multiple keyboards at the same time. However, support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean is apparently still in development.

Additionally, the Steam Deck now supports games and apps with multiple windows. This includes web browsers crucially or games that require launchers. It’s likely that users will now be able to navigate between windows simply by pressing the Steam button while in-game.

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The update is available right now. Lucky owners of the Steam Deck can access the update by simply pressing the Steam button, selecting Settings, and the System. From here, the full update is available in the Software Updates menu. Steam clarified that “since so many bits are being updated today, it may take a few minutes to apply the changes to Steam Deck after downloading and restarting. Please be patient while your Steam Deck updates.”

Source; Steam