Steam Deck Scalpers Already Selling Pre-Order Reservations

Steam Deck Scalpers Already Selling Pre-Order Reservations

Valve only just announced the Steam Deck portable/hand-held mini-PC.

However, scalpers have already uploaded reservations onto eBay.

This is despite Valve implementing various methods to try and prevent attempted scalping.

The Steam Deck, which comes in three variants, costs between £349 and £569 (depending on your choice of storage and specs). Obviously, the highest-priced device equates to the largest storage.

However, whilst these figures may seem high, the scalpers’ offers are ludicrous in comparison.

The lowest offer I found after a quick search was £513.75 (at auction). The highest listing was a staggering £1,250! And that’s not even for the device with the biggest storage!

Valve had implemented a number of failsafe’s to try and lessen the damage of scalping. One such method involved making it that any interested party had to pay a £4 deposit fee to hold a reservation of their device of choice.

Another method involved limiting purchases to one device per Steam account. And those Steam accounts had to have bought something on the platform before June 2021 – meaning pop-up accounts made that day are eligible.

However, whilst it may have limited the number of Steam Decks going up, it didn’t stop some slipping through the net.

I suppose if you are interested in a Steam Deck and haven’t been lucky to bag a reservation for one, be careful where you shop. You could always wait for them to go to general sale.

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