May 23, 2022

State of Decay 2 to Receive Massive Overhaul in Update

Thanks to Undead Labs, the (admittedly) under-performing State of Decay 2 will be injected with a lethal dose of the Juggernaut serum! Expect some BIG changes to come to the game this Friday the 13th (of March)

Xbox One exclusive State of Decay 2 is in for a big update. In fact, it’s such a big update that developers Undead Labs is calling it the “Juggernaut Edition“.

Basically, it’s going to get a wide-range of remastering everything from graphics and audio to quality of life fixes. These quality-of-life features start from the game’s introductory tutorial. They even go so far as to improve on combat and more besides.

The game’s tutorial will boast clearer base-building explanations. In the past, this section has garnered hatred from fans online. They claim it deviates away from open-world zombie-survival to hard-to-comprehend community-building. Quite a significant sore spot for much of the game’s community.

State of Decay 2 focuses around the player’s ability to form and build a vast community. However, resources are difficult to accrue. And there is actually less on offer than there was in the original game. So, any improvements there would be of huge benefit.

The Game Looks Dead Good Now

Previous expansions available for State of Decay 2 will also be packed into the Juggernaut Edition. This includes side campaign update Heartland.

New weapon classes, new events, a new map, additional and improved weather effects will all help players out. And, according to Undead Labs, will essentially make it State of Decay 2.5.

Furthermore, with the announcement of the Juggernaut Edition comes a long-promised feature as well; the release of State of Decay 2 on Steam.

Henry Goffin, Product Lead at Undead Labs spoke to Polygon, saying;

“One of the biggest problems we had with explaining [State of Decay 2] to players is that it wasn’t quite a linear campaign, and it wasn’t quite a daily grind. Players had a really hard time understanding the scope of the sandbox and how they should play with it”.

The aforementioned tutorial fixes focus on the fact that, in the vanilla game, combat and exploration were handled within a small group. Once the tutorial is finished and players were left to their own devices, you were on your own.

An Update This Big Must Be Apocalyptic in Size

Goffin added;

“We have a lot of player telemetry. We can see where they aggregate, how many people reach what parts of the world, where they spend time, where they shoot bullets.

One of the things we realized is we have a pretty steep drop-off of players who get into the open-world”.

As Goffin reiterated to Polygon, player interest dwindled after they find a base and settled in a little bit. The Juggernaut Edition will set out clearer expectations for players in a bid to avoid such a drop-off.

Responses to Heartland were largely more positive, with many players citing the rigid structure and narrative-driven gameplay as plus points. Goffin noted that Heartland will help to “inform a lot of future franchise plans”. However, Undead Labs will ultimately stick close with the sandbox structure found in the core game.

You can check out more details on State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition on Undead Labs’ website. The Juggernaut Edition will be available (for free) to anyone who currently owns a copy of State of Decay 2.

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After a little digging around, I can confirm that the update will also be free for anyone who got the game via Xbox’s Game Pass programme. The Juggernaut Edition update will be live on 13th March.

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