Starbase – A Space MMO

Starbase – A Space MMO

Starbase is a hybrid voxel/vertex-based space MMO with a fully destructible and infinitely expanding universe. It has been developed and published by FrozenByte. There is a focus on building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat. The multitude of fine-detailed simulations in the game allow the players the ultimate freedom to conquer space and unleash their creativity.

The environment in Starbase is fully destructible. This means everything can be destroyed or disassembled with the right kind of tools and weaponry.

The in-depth physics simulation enabled by hybrid voxel/vertex-based game mechanics make fights, exploration and flying spaceships more creative and fun.

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The simulation of structural and elemental durability in the game adds its own twist and challenge to the efforts to conquer space. Should you find yourself in a space race, then ensure that your design is correct. Poorly designed superstructures combined with overpowered steering thrusters can snap the spaceships in half!

Reshape the Universe

Start shaping the Starbase universe with fellow robots by joining and working for factions. Build, fight, chat and group up with other players.

Mine asteroids by yourself, trade and haul cargo with your friends, or build a capital station with a huge company.

Take part in the battle between the Empire and the Kingdom. Or leisurely explore the galaxy while the insurance system has you covered should you accidentally wander into uncharted space.

Explore the vast universe to discover stations, social hubs and new raw materials. Arrange an exploration mission with friends and find out what the universe has to offer.

Travel to an asteroid field to mine raw minerals and salvage different materials from broken ships. Trade materials at trading stations or steal from others if that floats your (space)boat.

Starbase will be released on PC on June 17th 2021

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